During each of history’s great technological leaps forward, the lone genius fallacy prevailed, such as Edison toiling in solitude and striking the literal “lightbulb” moment that redefines history. While an enjoyable storyline for a movie or a book, these examples are dangerous if followed by existing organizations seeking guidance for their innovation efforts.

lone genius

We believe diverse groups of people with unique superpowers, practicing radical collaboration, create a culture of innovation that becomes a core competency. This culture may take root across an entire division within a company, amongst special project teams created for a defined purpose, or unaffiliated, like-minded individuals pursuing a positive impact on a societal challenge.


To escape the lone genius fallacy of innovation, look no further than an improv jazz ensemble. The beat connects musicians, experts in their chosen instrument, via a “yes, and!” spirit of collaboration, contributing to the song’s melody in unique and unexpected ways.


If you lead a team, a division, or an entire organization facing corporate or societal challenges that require a culture of innovation as a core competency, we look forward to sharing our thoughts with you.