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Our Mission

When executives tell us they want their organizations to be “more innovative,” they’re describing an outcome or result. When pressed for “how” the organization pursues these goals, we hear “brainstorming,” “research and development,” or the business model of the hottest startup in Silicon Valley.


Innovation is an outcome. Design thinking is the mindset and process.

In our experience, executives can name the origins, evolution, and trends of key performance indicators in finance, operations, and human resources. However, absent from their vocabulary are defined measures of innovation, such as the number of new ideas, the advancement criteria, and metrics to measure the return on their innovation investments.

How might we infuse innovation into the company's culture?

If you lead a team, a division, or an entire organization facing corporate or societal challenges that require a culture of innovation as a core competency, we look forward to sharing our thoughts with you.

Our Team

As instructors of design thinking at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, we practice equal parts university-level research and instruction with the co-created solutions expected by our clients.

Clark Kellogg

Clark Kellogg


Clark is a curious soul who brings an unending passion for creativity to his Design Thinking practice. Trained as an architect at UC Berkeley, Clark has over thirty years of experience spread among architecture, product design, and strategy creation.

His academic background covers 15 years at UC Berkeley, currently teaching Creativity, Design Thinking, and Applied Innovations at Haas. Privately and as a co-founder of The Berkeley Innovation Group, he has led consulting engagements with corporations, non-profits, governments, and universities in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.


Jeff Eyet


Jeff is a radical diverger who prototypes through stories and applies these passions as the co-founder of the Berkeley Innovation Group. Working together since 2012, Jeff was Clark's student at BerkeleyHaas, then rose to a lecturer position before focusing full-time on client work.

He has led strategy work with Recology, UC Health, Mills College, and Dow Chemical and supported engagements with GE Health, GE Digital, Kaiser Permanente, Nissan, Paypal, and Abbott Labs.


Sourcing talent from the entire Haas ecosystem, from professors, to alumni, and current students, we deliver a diversity of insights from across generations.


Christina Pappas

Senior UX Researcher and Team Lead, Answerlab


Natalie Osterweil

Senior Organizational Designer, IDEO


Francesca LeBaron

Executive Coach, Berkeley SkyDeck


Yana Ronin

Founder and Chief Strategist, FORTYSEVEN, LLC


Shannon Herline

People Operations Manager,        Stripe


Pedro F. Moura

CEO, Flourish


Matlhatse Mokgoatsana

Recruiting Coordinator, Stripe

Billy (1)

Bill Collins

Transformation Coach, Future State


Kasey Koopmans

Senior Customer Success Coach, Culture Amp


Kris Piliero

People Operations, Free Association